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A platform to deploy personalised feedback at scale

The importance of personalisation

Learners are more likely to have an effective experience when their environment is personalised. Resources, comments, suggestions and feedback that take into account the reality of each learner are much more effective than those addressing an entire cohort. But personalisation has traditionally been based on highly detailed pre-conceived models of learner behaviour. OnTask offers an environment to personalise resources based on data collected from any learning environment.

The importance of feedback

Feedback is more effective when framed as a dialogue. But such dialogue will be highly dependent on the personal situation of each learner. How can we combine knowledge about the learners with the need to have personalised interaction? OnTask will help instructors and learners to initiate this dialogue.

The importance of data

In the era of technology-mediated learning, data is ubiquitous. But instead of providing instantaneous benefits, this abundance brings a serious challenge to tranform data into actionable knowledge. It is not enough to have data, it is essential to use data to support a clearly identified objective in the learning environment. How can this support be articulated? How can it be used in multiple environments? OnTask establishes this connection between data and its use to provide a scalable solution to learning personalisation.

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