5.1. The ScenarioΒΆ

To make the activities in this tutorial as close as possible to a real situation all of them assume the following scenario.

A learning experience has started and is through its sixth week. The first week allowed learners to get acquainted with the course, objectives, structure, etc. No activities were proposed. From weeks 2 to 5 the same pattern of activities was used. Learners were asked to view videos and answer a complementary set of questions. In Week 6 a midterm examination took place consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions (about 5 topics, 2 question per topic). In addition to these activities, the course had during these weeks a discussion forum available for learners to ask questions, discuss matters related to the course or simply interact with other learners and instructors. The following figure illustrates the evolution of the course (the horizontal axis represents time from left to right)


During these six weeks various data files have been collected and made available to the instructors.