5.6. The Top Menu

OnTask assumes that you will be working with one workflow. The first screen (the one that appears when you log in or when you click on the Workflows link in the top menu) shows you the workflows available. To start working with one of them you have to Open it. Once you open a workflow, the top menu appears as shown in the following figure.




If your account has superuser or admin privileges, the top menu will include the additional option with name Admin . This menu provides access to the pages to manage administration tasks, the connections to SQL relational databases, and the set of installed plugins. These connections are available to instructors as part of the operations to Upload/Merge data into the table.

The menu contains the following links:


Link back to the home page showing the workflows available for manipulation.


Create, edit and execute actions.


Operations to visualize and manipulate the table (search for values, add a row, add a column)


Additional operations to view:

Workflow operations

This page contains links to export, rename, clone, flush the data, or delete the workflow. It also allows you to manipulate a set of attributes, and add users to share the workflow.

Column operations

This page shows information about the columns in the workflow.

Scheduled operations

Shows which actions have been scheduled for execution.

View logs

A table showing the history of operations performed on this workflow

User profile

Link to the user profile and logout

Manual & API documentation

Link to the OnTask manual (this document) and the API documentation