5.19. Workflow operationsΒΆ

The link Workflow operations available in the pull down menu of the More link in the top bar menu leads to a page that offers information and several additional operations as shown in the following figure.


The links at the top of the page offer the operations to:


This functionality allows you to take all the information included in a workflow and export it. The functionality offers the option of including in the export only the data, or the data and the actions.


Use this function to change the name and description of the workflow.


This button creates a clone of the workflow with the a name containing the prefix Copy of. Once the operation is executed, the workflow is available in the home screen (link in the upper left corner of the screen).

Flush data table

This function deletes the data associated with the workflow. It maintains the set of attributes and the actions, but it removes the conditions and filters from all the actions.


This function deletes completely the workflow from the platform.

Additionally, the following two tabs offer the operations to manage two entities: attributes and sharing.

Workflow attributes

You can define a set of attributes in the workflow. This is simply a set of pairs name, value that you can use to have a single place where a value is defined and then reused in several other locations. For example, the name of the course is probably going to appear in various communications with the learners. If you define the attribute Course_name with that value, you can then refer to the attribute and it will be replaced by its value.

Share workflow

You may share a workflow with other instructors in the platform. The Share button will allow you to add/remove other users to this list. The other users will not be able to flush the data or delete the workflow. Whenever you open a workflow, it becomes unavailable for the other users with whom it is being shared until you either select another workflow or your session expires.