5.20. Column operations

Log into the platform and open a workflow that has data in the table. Click in the More link in the top-bar menu. Select the option Column operations. The next page shows the information about the columns:


The buttons at the top of the page are used to perform several operations over the workflow.

5.20.1. Adding columns

The Column button offers the following options:

Add a new column

This function allows you to manually add a new column to the data table. You need to provide the name, a description (optional), the type of data (one of string, number, datetime, or boolean), the position where this column is inserted in the workflow, a date/time window when the columns is visible, an optional comma-separated list of possible value (useful to restrict the values), and an optional initial value.

Add a formula-based column

This function is to create a new column containing the result of the data from existing columns combined with certain basic operations such as maximum, minimum, sum, product, mean, median, etc. The way it works is by selecting the operation and a subset of existing columns to use as operands.

Add a column with random values

This function creates a new column with values randomly taken from a pre-defined collection.